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Have a sip of wine!



What is autumn without a plum, wine type of lipstick? Nothing I tell you, nothing! I am obviously kidding, but when autumn comes I always set aside all of my crazy colorful lipsticks to make room for my darker colored lipsticks. I realized that today’s makeup revolves around the lipstick I am wearing, a lipstick I once reviewed and swatched for you (Menow Generation liquid lipsticks), but I never wore it in a makeup look so it didn’t have its moment to shine.

Ce este toamna fara un ruj pruniciu, vinuliu pe buze? Va zic eu, nimic! Glumesc evident, insa odata cu venirea toamnei pun deoparte rujurile strident colorate si le inlocuiesc cu cele in nuante inchise perfecte evident pentru acest frumos anotimp in care ne aflam. Mi-am dat seama ca machiajul de astazi se invarte in jurul rujului, un ruj pe care vi l-am aratat intr-un review (Menow Generation liquid lipsticksmai demult insa pe care care nu l-am folosit pana acum intr-un machiaj pe blog asa ca eram cam timpul lui sa straluceasca ;)

For the eyes I tried to use shades that will blend with the color of the lipstick and also because I chose to wear the makeup during the day I wanted to keep it pretty light for the eyes, but you could totally go with a darker smokey, it would look the! I hope you’ll like the makeup look! ^_^

Am folosit farduri in tonuri asemanatoare rujului, pentru ca am ales sa port machiajul in timpul zilei am temperat machiajul ochilor, n-am vrut sa fie prea mult, eu una am fost foarte multumita de rezultata, sper sa va placa! De altfel ati putea opta pentru un machiaj al ochilor mult mai intes, ar arata super impreuna cu rujul, vampy! ^_^

I’ve applied color 1 on my entire eyelid. / Am aplicat culoarea 1 pe toata pleopa.
I’ve applied color 2 in my crease. / Culoarea 2 am aplicat-o in pliu.
On my lid I’ve applied color 3. / Pe pleoapa am aplicat culoarea 3.
I’ve used an eye shadow as a liner / M-am folosit de un fard maro in loc de eyeliner.
Am on my lower eyelid I’ve applied  color 3 ./ Iar pe pleoapa inferioara am folosit culoarea 3.

On my lips I am wearing Menow Generation liquid lipstick in shade 32. / Pe buze port rujul lichid mat Menow Generation nuanta 32.

Have a great evening, many kisses :***

Va doresc o seara minunata, v-am pupat :***