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Makeup Tutorial: Nude lips and green smokey eyes


Last week I was looking for a makeup look I did on the blog to show to my sister-in-law and I was shocked when I saw that I haven't posted a new makeup tutorial since July and I feel so sad about it, so so sad, and I do have a million excuses of why I didn't do it, but I don't like excuses, what I can do is promise you that I will try my best to do at least one makeup tutorial every other week-end :) I wore this makeup look to the launch of a new perfume, it's with a twist now, it's a little bit more intense and I added a pair of lashes, I liked it so much much that I wanted to recreate it for you too.

Saptamana trecuta cautam pe blog un machiaj, voiam sa i-l arat cumnatei mele si-am ramasa scoata cand am constanta ca din luna iulie nu a mai aparut pe blog niciun machiaj si-mi pare rau, tare rau, scuze am o mie insa, dar mie nu-mi place sa gasesc scuze, insa tot ceea ce pot sa promit este ca de acum incolo o sa-mi gasesc timp macar o data la doua week-end-uri sa mai postez si cate-un tutorial :) Machiajul de astazi l-am purtat la lansarea parfumului Moon, parfumului Danei Rogoz, nu era chiar atat de intens si nici nu purtam gene false, insa mi-a placut atat de mult incat am vrut sa-l recreez si pentru blog.

(Once again I am not happy with the quality of the photos posted above, but I thought I would post them so you can see exactly what I did / Din nou nu sunt multumita de calitatea pozelor de mai sus, insa am zis totusi sa le postez ca sa va pot arata ce-am facut)

Color 1 in the crease;
Culoarea  1 in pliu;
Color 3 on the lowe lashline and in the outer corner;
Culoarea  3 pe pleoapa inferioara, urcat cu ea inspre arcada
Color 2 in the lid;
Culoarea 2 pe pleoapa;
Color 3 in the crease;
Culoare 3 in coltul intern si in pliu;
Color 4 on the lower lashline and in the inner corner of the eye.
Culoarea  4 pe pleopa inferioasa si in coltul intern al ochiului;

Products used / Produse folosite:

Have a lovely week-end, many kisses :***

Vă doresc un week-end superb, v-am pupat :***