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September & October Empties


Hey! :D

The beginning, but because I have a lot to show you and this is the only chance to talk about some products that I am sure you haven't seen them before :D I think I did a good job this time at using most of my products, even if sometimes I didn't want to use a product because I was feeling lazy I did it so that they don't just sit there and bug the hell out of me (I do still have for example 4 shower gels opened at the same time haha :D) :) Sadly I had to throw out some products for various reasons, they were not empty, but it was time for them to go (they have a little x next to them)

Asta clar o sa fie o postare kilometrica si nu, nu pentru ca am sa fac eu o introducere de o sa va plictisiti pana ajungeti la ultimul punct ci pentru ca am strans o gramda de produse si acum e sansa mea fac mici, miciiii review-uri unor produse care poate nu le-ati vazut niciodata pe blog :D Am fost harnica, tare harnica, m-am luptat chiar cu mine sa folosesc pana la ultima picatura produse care stateau degeaba in jurul meu si de data aceasta am reusit (desi inca ma lupt sa ma invat spre exemplu sa nu mai folosesc 4 geluri de dus deodata haha :D)  :) Din pacate insa de unele a trebuit sa ma despart din mai multe motive, nu am apucat sa le consum pana la ultima picatura, dar era timpul sa plece (le-am notat cu: x)

  • Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo - it took me a while to really test out this shampoo that's why you have just recently saw it in my favourite products of the month post. Now I am am my third bottle, I think it is a really good shampoo, it is gentle, it leaves my hair shiny and smooth and it smells really nice too;
  • Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner & Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner + Treatment - I haven't really noticed any differences between these two products, they were both ok, but nothing special, I did really like a lot the mask from this range.

  • Sampon Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair - mi-a luat ceva pana sa ma declar multumita de acest sampon, tocmai de accea a si durat ceva pana ajuns la preferate. In momentul de fata ma aflu la cea de-al treilea sampon, e un sampon bun, curata bland scalpul, imi plasa parul moalea si matasos si miroase foarte bine;
  • Balsam Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair & Balsam + Tratament Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair - n-am vazut nicio diferenta intre cele doua produse, ambele au fost ok insa nu m-au inpresionat atat de mult ca masca din aceeasi gama.

  • Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Nourishing Shower Gel - It smells amazing, now I wasn't blown by it, it didn't dry my skin even more, but it did do a really good job at hydrating it either;
  • Avon Vanilla Moisturizing Body Scrub - if you love vanilla then you would love the how this product smells, it has a lot of exfoliating particles, but the exfoliation is too gentle for my liking, I wouldn't repurchase it;
  • Avon Skin So Soft Body Butter - LOVED IT! I would like to be able to purchase it in a bigger quantity. Really, really moisturizing.
  • Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena - this is the first spray deodorant I have tried in a long time, I used to use the Mennen Speedstick stick because I wasn't pleased with anything else, but this spray was really good, I am going to try more from Dove, see if I like the as much as I liked this one.

  • Gel de dus Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbaena - un gel de dus care miroase extrem de bine, in ceea ce priveste hidratarea pielii n-am obsevat foarte multe schimbari insa ma bucur ca nu mi-a uscat-o si mai tare;
  • Avon Vanilla Moisturizing Body Scrub - iubitoarele vaniliei o sa indrageasca produsul acesta, mi se pare ca miroase foarte bine! Are suficiente particule exfoliante insa mie mi se pare ca face o exfoliere mult prea blanda asa ca nu prea m-a impresionat la capitolul acesta, nu l-as recumpara.
  • Avon Skin So Soft Body Butter - BESTIAL! Mi-a placut foarte, foarte mult ♥ As vrea insa sa-l pot achizitiona intr-o cantitate mai mare. 10+ la capitolul hidratare.
  • Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena - este primul deodorant spray pe care-l folosesc dupa o lunga perioada in care am folosit numai Mennen Speedstick (:D), s-a descurcat grozav, nu stiu daca m-as intelege la fel de bine cu toate spray-urile de la Dove insa vreau sa ma incerc :).

  • Nivea Lip Butter Rasberry Rose (x) - I bought this because of the hype, I love its smell, but it isn't the type of lip balm I now know I like, it was really hard to open the tin and it was just sitting around so I decided to throw it out;
  • Farmec Natural Eye Contour Cream (x) - I really, really tried to use it, it has a gel consistency that I did not like, it feels stick, it does not moisturize! Didn't like it at all;
  • Avon BIG&Daring Mascara - I wrote about it here: Avon BIG&Daring Mascara Review, I had a love-hate relationship with it, I wouldn't purchase it I now found something else that I like;
  • FM Make UP Lip Gloss (x) - I don't like minty lip glosses, I think I've used this lip gloss twice, it is also sticky; (but I do like their perfumes :D);
  • Balea Urea Lippen Balsam (x) -  I got this one from DM, it's an ok lip balm, nothing too special about it, had to throw it out because it was super old;
  • Sierra Bees Organic Vanilla Lip Balm (x) - I got it as a gift from iHerb, I don't think it does a very good job at moisturizing the lips, it has the slippery feeling I don't like, I won't be trying others.
  • Iseree Cotton Pads - Laura you were right, the others one are even better :D;
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (x) - my first Asian BB Cream, I loved it then, love it now, I would repurchase it without a doubt, you can read my review here: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

  • Nivea Lip Butter Rasberry Rose (x)- l-am cumparat pentru ca era peste tot, miroase foarte bine, insa nu este tipul de balsam pe care eu il caut, cutiuta incepuse sa se deschida foarte greu, statea degeaba pe birou asa ca am decis sa renunt la el;
  •  Farmec Natural Crema Contur Ochi (x)- am incercat sa o folosesc, chiar am incercat, insa n-am putut :/ Are o consistenta lichida, imi simt pielea lipicioasa, nu simteam zona hidratata. Mi s-a m-ai si rupt plasticul pe care se se insuruba capacul. 
  • Avon BIG&Daring Mascara - am scris despre el pe blog, puteti sa citit review-ul aici: Avon BIG&Daring Mascara Review. Varianta scurta a articolului: am avut o relatie de dragoste-ura cu acest rimel, nu l-as achizitiona pentru ca intre timp am decoperit altul :D;
  • FM Make UP Lip Gloss (x)-  e un gloss pe care l-am primit, cred ca l-am folosit de maxim doua ori, mult prea mentolat si pe deasupra si lipicios, nu mi-a placut absolut deloc (parfumurile de la ei in schimb mi-au placut tare mult);
  • Balea Urea Lippen Balsam (x)- cumparat din DM, am fost multumita de el, insa am uitat sa-l mai folosesc, il am de mult timp, e timpul sa ma despart de el;
  • Sierra Bees Organic Vanilla Lip Balm (x)- l-am primit cadou la o comanda de pe iHerb, nu-mi aduc aminte ce parere am avut despre el la inceput
  • Iseree Cotton Pads - Laura ai avut dreptate in legatura cu dischetele demachiante, celalate (tot de la Lidl) sunt mult mai moi :D 
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (x)- primul meu BB Cream asiatic, l-am considerat si inca il consider un produs extrem de bun, am scris despre el aici: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, il voi reachizitiona de fiecare data cu placere (din pacate nu am apucat sa il si consum pana la ultima picatura).

  • Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U16 & U14 (x) - two incredibly beautiful nail polishes, I have nothing bad to say about them. I am saying goodbye to them because they are really old and got really thick;
  • Pastel Nail Polish no.54 (x)- I don't like its consistency, it takes a very long time to dry, I don't like it at all so I didn't want to keep it anymore since I never use it.

  • Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U16 & U14 (x)- doua oje incredibil de frumoase, n-am nimic sa le reprosez. Ma despart de ele pentru ca s-au ingrosat atat de tare incat nu pot sa le mai folosesc, nici nu-mi mai amintesc de cand le am;
  • Oja Pastel 54 (x)- nu-mi place consistent ei, se usuca greu, este o oja care nu m-a incatat absolut deloc.
So did you use up a lot of products this month or in the last couple of months? :D

Voi cum stati cu produsele consumate? :D

Have a lovely day, many kisses :***

Va doresc o zi minunata, v-am pupat :***